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  • When we create your campaign you may get an ID verification/security message from Instagram with a 6-digit code. This is normal. This happens sometimes when Instagram doesn't initially recognize a new IP logging into your account. The code only lasts 15 minutes so please send us the code ASAP if you receive one.

  • While your campaign is live you may notice a rapid increase of activity and growth and you may also notice lulls or periods of no activity. This is normal. We are not concerned with hourly/daily activity, only the monthly results.

  • While your campaign is live your personal followings (users you follow) may fluctuate up and down daily/weekly/monthly. This is normal. We never follow more than 400 targeted users during a cycle and we always return your followings to their original state before a new cycle starts, or before your trial or campaign ends. Your personal followings (users you follow yourself) are excluded from our unfollow cycles.

  • Q: “Do users get mad that we follow them and unfollow them?”
    A: Most users never realize we unfollow them because we continue engaging with their account after we unfollow them.

  • Instagram has maximum hourly activity limits (i.e. like, follow, comment, unfollow). If you routinely use Instagram to like, follow and unfollow users on an hourly/daily basis, let us know so we can adjust your campaign to accommodate for your use of Instagram.

  • It helps to occasionally check the accuracy of your campaign target. Go to: IG APP > SETTINGS > POSTS YOU’VE LIKED to verify your campaign is targeting accurately. If you notice it seems off, let us know ASAP so we can adjust your campaign settings.

  • Starting simultaneous free trials or multiple campaigns with other companies while also working with Instasurge will not help. It will get your IG account shut down permanently. Please do not start other campaigns or free trials while waiting for our reply or while working with Instasurge!