Instasurge Simplified

We’re not going confuse you with technical terms and overly complicated explanations. We find our clients can understand what we are doing for their accounts much quicker when we explain it in a less confusing breakdown.


I. User Data

  • We designed a global search engine on a micro scale from Google but still very powerful.

  • Our search engine can parse Instagram’s one billion users and their 100 million (plus) daily public posts searching for keywords, hashtags, geo references and other specific target criteria we use to identify Instagram Instagram users who fit a client’s demographic and/or targeting needs.

  • Instagram users/posts that fit the target criteria are saved in the cloud, the rest are ignored and dumped.

  • This process repeats many times hourly/daily/monthly to ensure we’re always adding fresh new active targeted Instagram users.


II. Target

We can geo target specific areas, streets, towns, cities, states, provinces or countries, business locations, competitors, sales territories or stores, competitor’s and followers of competitor’s Instagram accounts, hobbies, sports, past times, females, males, all genders, gay, straight, white, black, moms, dads, blondes and even users with blue eyes. Our ability to target Instagram users is truly unlimited.

Example: An active wear reseller or retailer might wind up with millions of targeted users in the cloud depending on the reach of their target or size of their sales territory, while a global active wear brand could easily load 200-500+ million targeted users in the Cloud who are a perfect fit.


III. Engage

  • Once identified we will passively engage with the targeted users we’ve stored in the cloud on your behalf.

  • We will like their posts, we will follow some users and we will unfollow them.

  • This process repeats hourly to ensure we always have new active targeted users to engage with.

  • Depending on the size of a client’s target market, i.e., local. regional, national or global, we might engage with 30,000 - 50,000+ users every 30 days and this repeats so long as your campaign is live.


IV. Results

This ongoing engagement creates curiosity with the Instagram users. Many will investigate your Instagram account as a result. Some will follow your Instagram and some may become clients, customers, etc.

It’s up to the Instagram user whether or not they want to investigate who you are. If they decide to click the “follow” button, they have done so entirely on their own. This type of engagement with targeted Instagram users and the results it generates produce a 100% organic outcome for your Instagram account.