BASIC $25mo

For personal & non-professional Instagram users who do not require targeting and only want to gain new followers and increase engagement.

This is a no frills, no targeting option to increase awareness for your Instagram account with no concern for targeting at all.


Need More?

POWER $45mo

For Instagram users, businesses, brands and bloggers looking for geography and gender targeting only.

This plan allows you to pick location and gender targets only. If you need more targeting options, scroll down to see the Premium or Pro Plans.


A Little More?


For Instagram users, businesses, brands and bloggers who need precise targeting but are are not too concerned about rapid growth or engagement rates.

The Premium Plan offers all of the benefits of unlimited demographic targeting like the Pro Plan with metered (slowed) engagement for more natural organic results.


A Lot More?

PRO $112mo

This is the plan for you if you're a Professional, Public Figure, Business, Brand, Up & Coming or Established Blogger needing unlimited precise demographic targeting and vastly improved engagement.

The Pro Plan offers pin point accurate global demographic targeting to ensure your campaign and account achieve rapid organic results!