Need Real Instagram Followers?
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There Are Only 4 Ways To Get Real Instagram Followers And Likes.
One Will Ruin Your Instagram Account Permanently.

by Glenn Cogan, Founder/CEO of Instasurge



1: Organic Instagram Growth


Over one BILLION Instagram users share and interact with friends, family and like minded users, and 80% of all Instagram users use the Instagram platform to follow and engage with their favorite brands and businesses. Whether you’re an aspiring business, brand, blogger, actor, sports player, or you are a seasoned pro, the more Instagram followers you have the more popularity you are deemed to have, and more popularity leads to having more influence among Instagram users.

How does someone convince another user their account is worth following when they’re a new business, brand or blog Instagram account, or if they have only a few followers? Let’s face it, unless they are personal friends, we tend to follow users who have at least 1,000 or 2,000+ followers, right?

Ahhh… the old “chicken or the egg” question, right?! You want to grow faster organically but you don’t want to risk the quality or integrity of your Instagram account. How do you get to where you need to be to seem relevant… There are other options to help you grow faster organically, but if you’re committed to doing this all on your own, here are a few pointers…

1: Post regularly

Your followers will appreciate your consistency, and in time your loyal followers will expect to see your posts on the timeline you have developed. Keep in mind, if you sell a product used by people who work at night, post during the day. Likewise, if your target might be busy during the day, catch them before or after work hours. Test response rates to find your posting sweet spot.

If you are limited on time, consider working with Instasurge to schedule your monthly posts in advance for you.

2: Post relevant content

If you’re a fashion business, brand or blog, chances are your followers are not all that interested in your breakfast, or your car, they are interested in your product, images of fashion, new products, etc. Be relevant. If you’re a golf brand, stay on a golf related track, fashion, stay on a style and fashion track, travel, on travel. Don’t stray from your niche because people are inundated with totally senseless posts from misused social media platforms.

4: Engage with your followers

Engagement with your followers is one of the most powerful ways to grow your Instagram following organically, but learn how to spot the bot comments because you don’t want to waste time engaging with fake accounts. When you respond to a (real) users’ comments, include their handle. This is automatic now when you simply “reply” to a comment, example: @instasurgeusa thanks for taking time to comment!😊

5: Have a hashtag strategy

Hashtags are probably the single most important tool in your arsenal for organic Instagram growth. Users can select hashtags they want to follow now so a well thought out hashtag strategy can really spike your engagement.

Just remember, the rules are always changing at Instagram. Use hashtags that are relevant to your business, brand or blog and don’t use the same hashtags on every post. Here are a few ideas to help you develop a hashtag strategy:

  1. Hashtag Branding:

    Always include your business, brand or blog name as a hashtag or use some unique hashtag for your business that you plan to keep to help generate engagement. 70% of Instagram’s hashtags are branded.

  2. Include Trending Hashtags:

    Use Instagram’s Explore page or use your favorite search engine to find currently popular or trending hashtags. Don’t just include one for the heck of it, but if you can find a couple that fit with your message or post, add it in. Your post might not rank using the tag but using the tag can get your post more attention.

  3. Location Tag Your Posts:

    If you’re posting from a new area, or an area relevant to your post or brand message, or even if you just happen to be in a popular area for your business, remember to geotag your post.

  4. Encourage Your Followers To Spread The Word:

    Run contests, ask your followers to post images of themselves with your hashtag. If you have a product line, announce a winner for best post with your product and hashtag.

  5. Become An Influencer:

    It takes time, but in time your followers will come to trust you and the content you post. You can speed up the process by following, commenting and sharing content from leading influencers. They may not respond immediately to your props or kind words, but in time you will likely earn their respect and attention. They may even give you a shout-out or they may even return the love. This is a great way to jumpstart your organic growth.

  6. Market Your Instagram On Other Channels:

    Don’t assume people know about your Instagram account and don’t assume a person on your Facebook or SnapChat or Twitter automatically assume you are on Instagram. Let them know. Create posts that let people know the different platforms you are on.


2: Instagram Professionals


Instagram Marketing Professionals can be hired or they can work from a physical location. If they have a physical location they will typically publish their address on their website. They may employ anywhere from 5 – 100+ Instagram marketing pros, and they will usually assign one or more account managers to your account depending on the size of your business, brand or blog.

Instagram Marketing Professionals usually handle the creation and posting of images, content and hashtags, and they usually handle the day to day engagement between followers. This type of relation is “turnkey”. They work hand in hand with your business, marketing staff or departments so you can focus on more on running your business and less on daily social media work.


3: Instagram Automation


Instagram Automation can be in the form of software, or any size business from 1 employee to 100+ employees. Instagram automation companies may have a physical location where they employ Instagram marketing professionals who are assigned to your account, or they may have remote employees working worldwide. A typical Instagram Automation Company manages various aspects of your daily Instagram account activity, but they are not typically full service, or “turn-key”.

An Instagram Automation Company typically leaves the posting of images, content creation, hashtags and daily interaction with users up to the client. This type of relation allows a client 100% control over their online image, Instagram account and branding, while allowing the client to step back from some of the engagement work required.

Instagram Automation Companies may manage daily engagement activity for clients such as Liking, Commenting, Following and Unfollowing Instagram users and posts. In this scenario clients continue managing their online branding and remain in total control of their Instagram account personality while taking some of the hourly and daily mundane activities off their shoulders.

Instagram Automation is commonly confused with or referred to as “bot" or as “bot activity”; this is far from accurate. Instagram automation is Instagram activity conducted by Instagram marketing professionals using a combination Instagram user demographics, targeting metrics and metered mimicked human behavior by sophisticated systems.


3: Buy Fake Followers & Likes.


Fake Instagram followers and fake Instagram likes, or “Bot Followers and Bot Likes” plague legitimate Instagram user accounts worldwide. Many unsuspecting Instagram account owners have had their accounts ruined by Bot Followers and bot likes, leaving them devastated, and usually with no good option to go forward. Often times users must retire their account and start all over from scratch. To understand Bot Followers you have to understand why these fake accounts are created, how they’re created, how they work, and what they do on Instagram.

Millions of Instagram bot accounts are created every month by bad actors worldwide for the purpose of selling Instagramers fake influence.

Q: Fake influence?

When an Instagram user mysteriously has 2,000, 5,000 or 10,000+ new Instagram followers very quicky, and then 1000’s of likes on their new posts, whether they did it knowingly or unknowingly, this Instagram user paid for fake bot followers and likes. It’s common for businesses, brands and Instagramers to correlate the number of followers or likes an Instagram user has with the level of notoriety the user has. This has caused many great Instagramers to make the mistake of filling their account with fake followers and paying for fake likes.

Q: Why do this?


#1 Cool Factor.

Let’s face it, if you have an Instagram account, whether it’s personal, or for a business, brand or blog, you get excited when people follow your account, right? Of course you do, everyone does. Well, if you know Instagram then you know growing a nice size Instagram following organically takes dedication, hard work and many years of daily dedication to your followers and account.

What if someone told you for $49 - $100 they could fill your Instagram account with 1,000’s of followers and you could take a break from the daily grind of scouring the Instagram world to find like minded Instagram users to engage with, would you consider this option? Sure you would, everyone wants more followers faster than they can attract them alone - THAT IS THE PROBLEM.


#2 Money.

Making money from your Instagram account is called “monetizing”. There was a time when Instagram users could purchase bot followers and load their accounts with 10’s of 1,000’s, even MILLIONS of fake followers and pay for 1,000’s of fake likes on their posts. Then they would solicit large brands or companies for product endorsements. Can you imagine if you had 5,000,000 followers and 10,000 daily likes on each of your posts? Nike or Adidas or Hershey or any other large brand or company for than matter would pay big money to have your post a product shot on your Instagram account with an endorsement, and they would also pay huge bonuses for more likes and comments…

Imagine if you could create millions of fake bot Instagram accounts that looked real enough, they each had a few posts to give them some authenticity, then if you could instruct all of these millions of fake Instagram bot accounts to follow, like and comment on any Instagram account you wanted?

That is exactly what happened.

We won’t mention any names, but we’re sure you know many of the conspirators. They are well known actors, professional sports players, public figures, athletes, models… When they realized they could profit from the millions of followers on their Instagram, many of them started seeking endorsements. An athlete might approach a shoe manufacturer, an actor might approach a clothing designer, a model might approach a make up or clothing brand… and they would often have 50 or 60 Instagram endorsements or more.

When the money started rolling in from endorsements, people realized the benefit to adding more followers and getting more likes on their posts and a crooked industry was born.

People started buying fake followers and paying for fake likes and then they would report these false numbers back to their endorsement partners for a monthly paycheck. The problem is, 30%-50% of the activity being reported (and paid on) wasn’t truthful. These people were collecting millions in endorsments from their Instagram activity, but the activity wasn’t real. For years companies were paying out 30% - 50% more than they should have for Instagram endorsements.

It didn’t take long for the Federal Trade Commission to figure out what was going on. Not only did it result in new endorsement guidelines for all social media influencers, but it also resulted in all new requirements for transparency between influencers and their endorsement companies.


Q: Are fake followers an issue?


You may not be making millions of dollars from falsely pumped up endorsement deals because you have millions of fake followers on your Instagram account and 10’s of 1000’s of fake likes on your posts every day, but whether you are a large or small business, brand or blogger, buying fake “bot followers” will destroy the online reputation of your Instagram account and it will quickly erode the integrity of your business, brand or blog.

When your real followers see you have 10,000 - 100,000 followers, yet only seem to get 10 - 100 likes on your posts, it will be the beginning of the end for your Instagram account. Bot accounts only like your posts when they are told to like your posts so, unless you have one of these companies on retainer to give you 1,000 likes on each of your posts, your engagement is going to be way off for the number of followers you have.

When this happens, your real followers will start to jump ship and unfollow you. Why? Because their own accounts are at risk of becoming inundated by spam and bot accounts simply because they are your follower.


Q: Can I grow my Instagram safely?

A: Yes. Don’t buy followers or likes!


Q: How can I tell if I am getting fake followers


#1. If the company doesn’t require your Instagram login credentials (user & password) in advance it is 100% guaranteed you are talking with a bad actor and will be buying fake followers and/or fake likes.. You cannot generate organic interest or attract real followers to your Instagram account users unless you are engaging with real Instagram users from your account.

#2. If the company promises 1000’s of new followers or likes fast, overnight or immediately, it is 100% guaranteed you are working with a bad actor and buying fake followers and/or fake likes.

#3. If the price published for new followers or likes is significantly less than other companies charge, chances are high you are talking with a bad actor and will be buying fake followers and/or fake likes.

#4. If the company sells followers or likes for a flat low fee in quantity blocks, such as 100 followers, 500 followers, 1,000, 2,500, 5,000 - 10,000+, etc., it is 100% guaranteed you are talking with a bad actor and will be buying fake followers and/or fake likes.


Q: How can I be sure I will get authentic, real followers and real likes organically?


#1. Select a company with more than 2 or more years in business while keeping in mind the warnings from #5 above.

#2. Stay away from companies that sell followers or likes in low priced quantity blocks.

#3. Verify the company publishes a physical address online and has working telephone numbers. Having a physical address does not make one company better than another, but should anything happen with your Instagram account or your payments, it’s nice to have a verified physical address and a working phone number to reach them!

4#. Check reviews and ask for references. Don’t just trust reviews, physically check the reviewers out, ask the company for 3-4 references. This will quickly eliminate many companies as many companies post fake reviews and some have 1000’s of angry former clients.


Your Instagram account is at stake. Your choice in companies should not come down to price ever. Your choice should be based on your comfort with the company, how well or quickly they respond to your inquires and, if possible, how you felt after speaking with them directly and you should take the time to read their reviews and verify that they are “real”.