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We offer qualified professionals, businesses, brands and bloggers a 3-Day No Obligation Trial. If you would like us to consider your Instagram account for a 3-Day Trial, and your account meets the above criteria, we invite you to submit your request for a trial below.




We’re not interested in helping Instagram users or businesses obtain free followers or create fake bot accounts. To avoid this, we collect detailed information about you and your Instagram account below and all trial requests must be approved by a campaign manager.

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⚈ Not a pro, business, brand or blog

⚈ Incomplete or no Instagram bio

⚈ Less than 9-12 current posts

⚈ Posts lack content, hashtags, etc.

⚈ Lewd or offensive posts or feed

⚈ Abnormal likes and/or followers

⚈ Following 2,000+ Users

⚈ Account set to private

⚈ Just want free followers

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If your trial request is approved a campaign manager will email you within 1 - 3 hours. Please add as a safe sender in your email client so our emails aren’t sent to your junk folder.


*3-Day Trial offered to verified businesses, brands, bloggers and professionals.
Approval is based on a 1-5 scoring system. Requests receiving an overall score of (3) or less will not be approved.