Don’t See Your Answer?

+ Why Do Some Companies Charge Less?

Not all companies offer the same quality service or results. Look at it this way... If you were buying a diamond and one was $100usd and the other was $1,000usd, surely your instincts would tell you the more expensive option is probably the real deal and the less expensive is probably an imitation. The same is true in our business. You don't have to choose the most expensive option, but you will be making a very bad choice to choose the least expensive.

+ What Are Fake Bot Followers?

Fake or bot followers are non-human Instagram accounts created and managed by sophisticated computer systems. Malicious companies use specialized software and computers that can mimic human behavior to create 100’s of millions of fake bot accounts every year for the sole purpose of loading them up with 10’s of 1,000’s of fake bot followers. Once created, they can instruct these bot accounts to follow, like or comment on any User’s account they choose.

+ How Do I Spot Fake Bot Followers?

A typical bot account might have 3 – 9 random posts, a meaningless bio, senseless engagement with followers and they usually have 5,000 – 50,000 or more followers. It’s also very common for a bot account to have a totally random User ID, such as: @_Ben467__, or @__Tak970. These computers are sophisticated, but they use random letters and numbers to get a User ID that isn’t taken so the bot can create the fake account and move on quickly to create another fake account.

+ How Do I know If I Have Fake Bot Followers?

Companies offering 50 - 10,000+ new followers or likes for a low flat fee instantly or overnight are not attracting real followers or authentic likes. It’s impossible to attract real followers or authentic likes overnight or instantly. If you want to increase your business, brand or blog awareness, or if you’re trying to reach new customers or increase sales, or if you hope to start monetizing your blog account, Fake "Bot" followers will not help you.

+ Is It Important To Have Real Followers?

Yes. Most Instagram users and businesses today know the difference between real or bot (fake followers), and they will usually unfollow or shy away from accounts if they think they're full of bots, or fake followers and fake likes.

+ Where Is Instasurge Located?

We're located in San Diego CA, USA. We work remotely with large and small businesses, brands and bloggers globally.

+ Does Instasurge Serve Clients Worldwide?

Yes. We serve clients worldwide in nearly all countries. If Instagram is available in your country we can usually help you attract new followers organically.

+ How Does Instasurge Attract New Followers?

We use a carefully metered combination of specialized marketing and post engagement techniques to engage with geo, gender and industry specific targeted Instagram user demographics. This activity attracts new Instagram followers to your account organically.

+ How Many Followers Will I Get?

We cannot predict the results of any campaign however, our ProSurge and StartUp clients typically attract 300-600+ new real organic followers monthly.

+ Are My New Followers Real People?

Yes. Your new followers are demographically targeted Instagram Users who we've engaged with and who've shown interest in your business, brand, blog or service by following you on their own.

+ Why Am I Required To Pay In Advance?

Once your campaign starts your Instagram account will start attracting new organic followers rapidly. Since we cannot remove followers who have followed your account, we require that you pay is in advance.

+ Why Does Instasurge Require My Password?

We’re not a pay for follows or pay for likes service. Instasurge is an Instagram marketing service that works in unison with your social media teams. In essence, we are as an extension of you, your business, your brand or blog while your Instasurge campaign is live.

+ Why Don't All Companies Need My Password?

BEWARE. You cannot attract real Instagram followers organically (PERIOD) unless you're engaging with real Instagram users directly from your account. Anyone promising to bring your account 1,000’s of new followers or likes or engagement for a flat low fee, who does not require your login credentials, is selling you air (I.e. bot or fake followers and fake likes).

+ How long Should I Use Instasurge?

We recommend at least 3 months (90 Days). However, Instasurge is a month to month service, there is no contract. If you're seeing great results, a better question is... *Why stop?

+ Should I Post And Comment As Usual?

Yes. We want you to post and comment and answer DM's (Direct Messages) as usual.

+ Should I Like And Follow As Usual?

Instagram has max allowable like, follow, unfollow and comment limits. Tell us about your daily use of Instagram before your campaign starts so we can make any accommodations necessary for your daily activity.