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Instasurge collects details about your business, brand, product, service, blog, etc. Then, using advanced engagement techniques, we systematically find and attract real Instagram Users to your Instagram account.


Get Organic Instagram Likes -


If you've been told you can get 1,000 or 100,000+ followers immediately for $19 or $99 simply by providing your Instagram User ID and no password, you are one BAD DECISION away from destroying the integrity of your Instagram account and filling it with 1,000's of fake BOT followers, fake likes and false results.

You CANNOT attract real Instagram followers organically if you are not engaging with real Instagram user direct from your account, and you cannot engage with real Instagram Users PERIOD, unless you are logged in to your Instagram account.

Here's A Basic Breakdown Of Our Process

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Online Questionnaire

The first step in every Instasurge campaign is our Online Campaign Questionnaire. We could save time and collect a few hashtags, or guess at your Ideal Target Demographic, and probably have okay results, that's not good enough. We want your campaign focused on your precise demographic so 100's of new perfectly targeted Instagram Users follow your Instagram account every month.

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Marketing Team

Instasurge will market and build your Instagram as if you had your own social media department, or hired a social media agency. Our team gets to know you and your business, and your demographic, and we study your competition, and like businesses to know exactly where to find your Ideal Target Demographic on Instagram.

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Target Demographic

Once we have your Online Campaign Questionnaire, a team member will contact you to discuss your business, brand, product, or blog in more detail. We will determine your marketing reach, your Ideal Target Demographic's age, gender, location, profession, or business sector, their hobbies or interests, etc., and will find out more about your competition, and similar or like businesses, brands, products, or blogs to be sure we target your exact demographic on Instagram.

We create a campaign set for your project!

Campaign Set-Up

With your Ideal Target Demographic identified, we create a Campaign Set-Up. A Campaign Set-Up consists of instructions, and demographic data specific to your business, campaign, demographic and marketing goals, and it contains individualized settings, user profile matches, keywords, hashtags, geographic location information, etc. that help our team identify, target, engage and attract your Ideal Target Demographic to your Instagram account.

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Engage Demographic

Our staff can now engage with Instagram Users in your Ideal Target Demographic. FOR EXAMPLE: Say a yoga business in Scottsdale AZ USA wanted to reach more yoga & health minded male & female locals to increase daily sales, but 50% of their business is from females in other states who travel to AZ for yoga retreats. One campaign-set would target male & female yoga minded IG Users around their AZ location, and the other would specifically target female yoga & health minded IG Users worldwide that show an interest in yoga retreats.

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Organic Growth

At the speed of today's technology, the Instasurge team can scan through Instagram Users worldwide, to process information in posts and images, from Instagram's 1 billion registered users, and can separate out only those Instagram Users who match the specific demographic criteria defined for 'your' business. Instasurge will engage with 1000's of Instagram Users/Posts monthly, and our client's accounts typically grow by 200-600+ new followers monthly!

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Your IG Password

If a company tells you "they will get you real followers, or real likes, and comments", but does not require your IG login information, they are putting your Instagram account into a computer system, and instructing 'fake bot accounts' to follow, like and comment on it. These bot accounts have no value to your business. They are not male or female, they are not from a specific country, town or city... They are nothing more than computer generated, totally fake Instagram account 'bots' that follow, like and comment on the IG accounts they are pointed at.