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Step One

Review Our Terms Of Service

  1. COMMUNICATION - COMMUNICATION - COMMUNICATION: We will communicate more in the early stage of your campaign. However, communication over your entire campaign is vital. Please respond to ALL communication attempts as soon as physically possible.

  2. Permissions: Your electronic signature grants Instasurge rights and privileges to access and market your Instagram account.

  3. IP Address: Online computers have an IP Address. When Instagram detects multiple IP's from different geographic areas simultaneously, they may assume the security of an account has been compromised, and can block access until the account user/owner can be verified.

  4. Password Resets: When Instagram blocks access to an account, they may send a 6-digit security code via text or email, or might require a password reset.

  5. Other Services: While working with Instasurge, do not work simultaneously with other Instagram statistical, tracking or marketing companies, or online services, and don't use third party Instagram management or marketing software.

  6. Temporary Email: To expedite identity verifications and password resets during campaign set-up, Instasurge may replace your existing Instagram profile email with a temporary Gmail address we monitor.

  7. Activity: We take great measures to mitigate any margin for error. However, it is impossible to promise we will not 'like' or 'follow' User accounts or images you might not have followed yourself. At any time you can unlike or unfollow a user account or post yourself.

  8. Algorithms: While working with Instasurge, follow, like and comment activity will surge up, then down repeatedly over the month. This is due to the flow of our marketing efforts, and various algorithms, and is normal.

  9. Inerrant Risks: By entering this agreement, you acknowledge that you understand the minimal, or inherent risks associated with Instagram marketing, and you agree to indemnify and hold Fuel Media Group LLC, dba Instasurge, harmless for any damages or losses you may incur, for any results, account blockage, or account closure. If you’re not sure about them, please click here to review ”Instagram’s Terms of Use.”

  10. Free Trial & Promo Codes: Over the duration of your Free Trial, we will enter, gather and track vital data, and valuable algorithms are developed. If we do not know your plans or intentions by the end of your Free Trial, the promo code or discount you received is voided out.

  11. Payment: Your agreement with Instasurge is month-to-month; there is no contract. Payments are due in advance for the month of service requested. If you are on an auto-pay option, your card on file will billed every 30 days on the anniversary of your start date every month thereafter.

  12. Payment Proration: Your recurring payment anniversary date may be adjusted forward or back, to either to the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th or 30th of the month to keep your billing uniform. If your recurring payment anniversary is adjusted, your account will (either) be credited time, or your first payment will be prorated and discounted.

  13. Discounts: There is no contract. However, clients receiving sale pricing, or using a promo code for discounted pricing, agree to enroll in recurring Auto-Pay for a minimum of 90-days, and may cancel at any time after 90-days.

  14. Cancellation: There is no requirement to notify us of your desire to cancel unless you are on an auto-pay option. If a monthly account is not renewed before 30 days lapses, Instasurge activity stops. We require a 15 day written cancellation notice via email for all auto-pay accounts. Accounts not canceled within the 15 day window will be billed full price for the month, Instasurge service will continue 30 days, then it will cancel at the end of that 30 day cycle.

  15. *Guarantees & Refunds: If your Instasurge campaign doesn't generate the number of followers, or quality of followers we promised, we will refund your money no questions asked. *Please Note: Refunds are considered in (1) month segments. Your refund request must be received by the last day of the month for the month which you are requesting a refund. Refunds are not paid for multiple months. If your target is narrowed down to a specific city, county, or smaller regional area, your campaign may not achieve our guaranteed growth rates, and therefore our guarantee may not apply. Ask your Instasurge rep before starting your campaign if you are unsure.

  16. Partnerships: Instasurge maintains, utilizes, and sometimes relies on, symbiotic global systems, and software partnerships to keep our own updates, software, and systems current. Frequent testing against partner systems worldwide allows us to track and compare our speed and results to ensure strict performance standards. This practice helps us stay ahead of ever-changing IG algorithms and API rules and restrictions.

Step Two

Instasurge Website and Visitors Protected by an SSL Secure Socket 128bit Encrypted Connection Shield.png

The Instasurge website is protected by the security of an online banking level SSL secure socket 128bit encrypted connection. Information submitted cannot be seen, intercepted or decoded by any other than Instasurge.

*Free 3-Day Trial offered to verified businesses and/or clients that demonstrate a legitimate need or use for our services.
Acceptance is based on a scoring system. Requests recieving an overall score of (3) or less out of (5) do not qualify for the Free Trial offer.