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Please take a moment to read this important information about how your campaign will behave so there are no unexpected surprises.

  1. Our system uses and follows algorithmic cycles. While your campaign is live you may notice a rapid increase of activity and growth and at other times you may notice lulls, and activity and growth may slow and sometimes there may be no activity at all. This is normal. Try not to become overly concerned by the hourly/daily activity, it’s the overall monthly results that matter.

  2. While your campaign is active, your followings (Users you follow) may fluctuate up and down daily/weekly/monthly. This is normal. We will never follow more than 400 targeted users during a marketing period and we will always return your following to its original state before starting a new follow cycle.

  3. We will only unfollow users that we have followed ourselves during your campaign or trial. Your personal followings (Users you follow yourself) are excluded and are always safe from our unfollow cycles and activity.

  4. Common Question: “Do users get mad that we follow and unfollow them?” Answer: Not very often. Most users never realize we unfollow them because we continue engaging with them and their posts long after we unfollow them.

  5. Instagram has max hourly “like” and “follow” limits we do not want to exceed during your campaign. If you routinely use Instagram and like, follow and unfollow users hourly/daily, let us know before your campaign starts so we can adjust our hourly activity to accommodate yours.

  6. Please check the accuracy of the target users we are engaging with often by going to: IG APP > SETTINGS > POSTS YOU’VE LIKED. If you feel we’re not engaging with users who fit your exact target or criteria, just let us know so we can adjust your campaign settings.

  7. *DO NOT UNFOLLOW OR UNLIKE POSTS OR PEOPLE WHO YOU FEEL ARE NOT AN EXACT FIT. Bring these posts to our attention so we can make adjustments to your campaign settings to help avoid this error in the future.

    *Note: If you find a post or account we have liked or followed is so offensive or contains such offensive or lewd content, screenshot it, unfollow or unlike it, then email us the screenshot ASAP.

  8. Running simultaneous free trials or similar software or starting multiple campaigns with different companies can get your IG account shut down permanently. Please do not use other similar services or software or start other campaigns or free trials while waiting for our reply or while working with Instasurge!

  9. If you are using a trial campaign, on Day 3 you will receive a campaign status email. At this time, you will be required to provide payment information to continue your campaign. If you do not provide payment information your trial will end.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of the information above, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank You.

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