Get Real Instagram followers. Get Authentic Instagram Likes And Comments. 100% Guaranteed Results. Grow Your Instagram Followers Safely!




Get real Instagram followers,  get real Instagram likes and comments, from real Instagram users. Instasurge offers Instagram marketing campaigns and pricing for any budget, and all are backed by a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!


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"I Need More Instagram Followers Fast."

Buying Instagram followers is the quickest and easiest way to get Instagram followers, but if you're not working with a credible Instagram marketing company like Instasurge, with an impeccable customer service track record, and 100% 5-star reviews, it's also the quickest way to get your Instagram account filled with fake or ghost followers, and shut down, blocked, or shadow banned.

Relax! We've got this.


Identify Demographic

We will work closely with you over the duration of your campaign to ensure we target your precise demographic.



Engage Demographic

We manage the hourly task of finding, engaging and attracting your ideal target Instagram user demographic 100%.

Benefits Of Using Instasurge

Get Real Followers

We guarantee you will get 500-700+ real Instagram followers monthly or we will refund your money 100%.



Grow your Business

The exposure you receive will catapult your business awareness, increase web visits, and improve business traffic and sales.


Real Instagram Followers. True Organic Instagram Growth.™






We will identify your target demographic on Instagram, then engage with them to attract *1,000's of new targeted Instagram followers monthly. Exposure like this on Instagram simply is not possible without professional marketing help. This can/will increase your awareness, sales and profits!


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Sound Familiar?

"The last company we used engaged with random Instagram users all over the world and now our account has 1,000's of fake followers and fake likes"... "We don’t have the time or knowledge to grow our Instagram safely"... "We can’t afford an agency or a social media person"… "Our competitor's Instagram grows exponentially faster than ours."


Why Instasurge?

Bloggers, celebrities and sports figures, large and small businesses, and global brands... Instagram users worldwide partner with companies like Instasurge to improve their Instagram presence and awareness. However, there's a vast difference between the service Instasurge offers and the many other companies out there selling fake results.


Helpful 2017 Instagram Stats

Having some knowledge of Instagram stats will help you understand how Instasurge helps businesses. Trust us, the numbers will make your head spin!





We take great pride in the relationships we develop with our clients, and gain much satisfaction from knowing we've helped another client succeed. There's nothing like hearing from client, that what we did for their Instagram helped grow their business, and increase their sales and profits!


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Your Reputation Is At Stake.

Whether you're a Fortune 500, big box company, local or home-based business, do your research and select your Instagram marketing partner carefully. Clients worldwide trust Instasurge to deliver risk free, consistent, reliable results.


What Instasurge Client's Are Saying...






We've posted some of the more common questions we hear below. If you don't see your question answered below, feel free to use the "Chat Now" option in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen to speak to us "Live!"... We'll get your question answered, and it might just get added to the list below!



Common Questions We Hear...

+ Where Is instasurge Located?

We're in San Diego CA, USA. We work remotely with large and small businesses, brands and bloggers globally in 70+ countries.

+ How Does Instasurge Attract Real Followers?

We use carefully monitored and managed, randomized hourly like, follow and unfollow post engagement with targeted Instagram User demographics to attract real organic followers to you business, brand or blog's Instagram account.

+ Are Real Followers That Important?

Yes! Think of your Instagram followers as mailboxes or door knobs at houses and businesses in your community, state, country, etc. You want your posts to reach and attract as many "real" Instagram followers as possible. Also, most Instagram Users know the difference these days between (real) and "bot" or "fake" followers, and will stay away from accounts if they think they're full of fake followers and fake likes.

+ How Many New Followers Will I Get?

**We cannot predict the future results of any client's campaign, but our ProSurge and StartUp clients typically attract 600-1,000+ new (real) organic targeted followers to their Instagram accounts monthly.

+ Are These New followers Real People?

Yes! Your new followers are demographically targeted Instagram Users who've indicated an interest in your business, brand, blog or service by following you themselves. We cannot upload new followers to your account, or force Instagram Users to follow you.

+ Why Do I Have To Pay In Advance?

Once your Instasurge campaign starts your Instagram account will attract new organic followers very rapidly. Since we cannot reverse the work we have done, or delete your new followers, we require payment in advance.

+ Why Is My Password Required?

We are not a "pay for follows" or "pay for likes" service. Instasurge is a marketing service that works as an extension of you over the term of your campaign. We login to your account (as you), then we find and engage with other IG Users who exactly fit the target demographic criteria you provided. This activity typically attracts 600-1,000+ new targeted followers organically to a client's account monthly.

+ Why Don't All Companies Require My Password?

BEWARE! You cannot attract (real) Instagram followers to your account organically (PERIOD) unless you're engaging with (real) Instagram Users directly from/with your account. Anyone who promises to bring you 1,000, 5,000 or 10,000+ new followers or Likes for a flat fee, and just needs your User ID, is selling fake "bot" follows/likes - DON'T DO IT!

+ Do You Really Offer A 100% Money Back Guarantee?

Yes! If your Instasurge campaign doesn't generate the number of followers, or the quality of new organic followers we promise, or if you feel the quality of your new followers isn't 100% relevant to your business, or they don't meet the exact criteria you desired, we will refund your money 100%!

+ How long Should I Use Instasurge?

We recommend using Instasurge at least 3 months (90 Days). However, it is a month to month service, there is no contract. If you're seeing great results and your website traffic, business inquires, and sales are improving, why stop?

+ Can I Still Post As Usual?

Yes. We want you to post and comment and answer DM's (Direct Messages) as usual. What we do is not affected by posting or commenting.

+ Can I Sill Like And Follow As Usual?

No. Instagram has maximum allowable like, follow/unfollow and comment activity max limits, and we will be pushing those limits. Please discuss your Instagram strategy with us before your campaign starts so we can make accomodations for your daily activity on Instagram if you intend to (also) be using Instagram while working with us.