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Get organic Instagram followers, likes and comments from (REAL) targeted Instagram users who engage with your posts and bring value to your account.


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Some Of Our Worldwide Clients.

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Don’t Risk Your Account.

Buying Instagram followers and likes may be the quickest way to give the illusion you’re popular, it’s also the fastest way to get your account blocked, shadowbanned or shut down.

Since 2014 Instasurge has been creating (REAL) Instagram engagement that generates (REAL) organic Instagram follows and (REAL) likes from (REAL) Instagram users backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee.


Free Trial. No Credit Card Required.

We’ve Got This.


If you’re a legitimate business, brand or blog request a no obligation 3-Day Trial.


If approved you will receive an email in 1-3 hours with a link to provide your targeting details.


We’ll start working on your campaign as soon we have your targeting information back.


Watch your Instagram engagement, likes, comments and followers grow organically.

Free Trial. No Credit Card Required.


Targeting Options.

Here are a few targeting and campaign metrics we can use to identify, locate and engage with your ideal demographic on Instagram.



Hashtags help us precisely target your demographic. We will identify the perfect hashtags for your campaign.



Use global, international, nation or regional geographic pins to target your ideal Instagram demographic globally.



Users who are like minded or who share your passion or business interests are a perfect demographic to target.



Similar businesses, brands and blogs will share a similar demographic with you and are an ideal demographic target.


Gender & Lifestyle

Female, male, gender neutral, adult, youth, gay, straight, trans, healthy, sports, hobbies, professions, passions… it’s unlimited!



Daily engagement with targeted users specific to your business brand or blog improves awareness and organic growth.



Chose your own speed, action levels and activity scheduling for your campaign to most closely match your usual Instagram use.



Avoid engaging with specific Instagram accounts, hashtags or keywords to prevent any possible conflict with your account.

Free Trial. No Credit Card Required.

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Most Asked Question

+ Is My Password Required?

Yes. Here's why: You cannot attract (REAL) Instagram followers or create (AUTHENTIC) Instagram engagement organically (PERIOD) unless you engage with real Instagram users directly from your account.

Any company offering to improve your angegement or increase your follows that doesn't require your password is selling (FAKE) followers and (FAKE) likes.

Instasurge is professional Instagram marketing company staffed with (REAL) human Instagram experts who will be working on your account daily to create organic engagement to grow your following. We are not a (FAKE) follows or (FAKE) likes scam service.

We've been doing this for 4 years, just look at our client list above. We've earned the trust and respect of some of the world's largest brands and your account will be treated with the same respect and privacy.

+ Where Is Instasurge Located?

San Diego CA, USA. We work remotely with large and small businesses, brands and bloggers worldwide.

+ Pricng Varies So Much. Why?

Not all companies offer the quality service or results Instasurge does. If you’re comparing companies and pricing, know the difference between (REAL) organic followers and (FAKE) bot followers.

+ What Are (FAKE) Followers?

(FAKE) followers or (BOTS) are Instagram accounts created and managed 100% by computer systems. These systems mimic human behavior to create millions of (FAKE) accounts every year and can be instructed to like posts and follow or comment on any account they are directed to track.

+ Can I Spot (FAKE) Followers?

Yes. A typical (BOT) account has 1 – 9 random posts, a meaningless bio, intelligible engagement and 1,000 – 100,000+ followers from similar types of (FAKE) accounts. They have random User IDs created by computers, such as: @_Ben467__, or @__Tak970, or names you would never use if you were setting up a (REAL) account for yourself.

+ Can I Avoid (FAKE) Followers?

Yes. Stay away from companies selling followers or likes in blocks of 50 – 100,000+ for a low flat price, instantly or overnight. They’re not selling real organic followers or likes if they offer pricing like this because it’s impossible to attract real organic followers or likes overnight, instantly or even quickly.

+ Are Real Followers Important?

Yes. Most Instagram users and businesses know the difference between (REAL) organic followers and (FAKE) bot followers and will unfollow or stay clear of accounts if they detect they’re full of (FAKE) followers and (FAKE) likes.

+ How Does Instasurge Work?

We use specialized marketing and post engagement techniques to engage with geo, gender and industry specific targeted Instagram user demographics to attract new followers organically.

+ Are These (REAL) Followers?

Yes. Your new followers are targeted Instagram users we have engaged with who've in turn shown interest in your business, brand, blog or service and have followed you on their own as a result of our engagement. This is true organic growth.

+ How Many Followers Do I Get?

We can’t predict the results of any client’s campaign because Instagram changes their algorithms and ecosystem regularly. Our NitroSurge and PowerSurge clients typically attract 500-800+ new (REAL) organic followers monthly.

+ How Long Do I Use Instasurge?

We recommend at least 3 months. However, Instasurge is a month to month service and there is no contract. If you're seeing great results and your budget can afford it... why stop?

+ Should I Be Posting As Usual?

Yes. We want you to post, comment and respond to DM's (Direct Messages) as usual.

+ Should I Like & Follow As Usual?

Not exactly. Instagram has max limits for like, follow, unfollow actions. Tell us about your daily Instagram use so we can make accommodations for your personal activity.


Free Trial. No Credit Card Required.


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