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Get real Instagram followers, real likes and real comments organically from real Instagram users. Don’t settle for fake “bot” followers.


Ridiculously Easy.

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Request a 3-Day Trial. If you’re a serious business, brand or blogger you will receive an approval email with instructions from:


Provide as much detail as possible. Look at the targeting options below to see all the ways we can target your campaign.


Your account manager will start working on your campaign immediately. Keep an eye out for our emails in case we need to reach you for any reason.


Sit back, relax and watch your post engagement and followers grow as your campaign starts engaging with perfectly targeted Instagram users.


Targeting Options.


Hashtag Targeting

Properly chosen hashtags can help precisely target a demographic. We’ll expand on your suggestions to identify the perfect hashtags for your campaign.


Location Targeting

Target global, international, national, regional, state or local? We can focus your campaign on the areas where you tell us your ideal followers are.


User Targeting

Target users you would like engage with, replicate or emulate. Like minded users are a perfect place to find your ideal follower demographic.


Control Campaign Speed

Want to speed up one action but slow down another? Let us know. We can adjust the speed of any campaign to suit your needs or desired result.


Target Similar Accounts

Similar businesses, brands and blogs are an ideal target. If the have similarities to your business, brand or blog, include them as a campaign target.


Create Blacklists

Prefer to avoid engaging with specific followers or Instagram accounts, or want to stay away from certain types of users? We can black list them!


Stay Relevant

Continued engagement with precisely targeted users improves awareness and generates rapid organic growth. We will engage your precise demographic.


Precise User Targeting

Is your ideal follower female, male, gender neutral, adult, teen, youth, gay, straight, trans, healthy, into sports, wine, yoga… We can target them.


Take A Break

Have a hard keeping up your daily engagement? We can manage your daily activity so you can focus on more important things.


1000’s Of Happy Clients Worldwide.


Simple Pricing. No Contracts.
100% Guaranteed.

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Common Questions

Is My Password Required?

Yes. We’re not a pay for follows or pay for likes fake follower service. Instasurge is an Instagram marketing service that becomes an extension of you, your business, brand or blogs efforts.

Are These Followers Real People?

Yes. Your new followers are targeted Instagram users who've shown interest in your business, brand, blog or service and have followed you all on their own as a result of our engagement.

Are Real Followers Important?

Yes. Most Instagram users and businesses today know the difference between real or bot (fake followers). Most users will unfollow user accounts if they believe they're full of fake followers and likes.

Is Instasurge Global?

Yes. We are located in San Diego and currently offer service in 60 countries around the world. However, we are able to target Instagram users in over 120 countries.

How Does Instasurge Work?

We use specialized marketing and post engagement techniques to engage with geo, gender and industry specific targeted Instagram user demographics to attract new followers organically.

How Long Do I Use Instasurge?

We recommend at least 3 months. However, Instasurge is a month to month service, there is no contract. If you're seeing great results, and it’s in your budget... why stop?